You’re the last person I think before I sleep, and the first one when i wake up. I think of you every minute, every second, every hour of the day. I’m not exaggerating, angel. The way you arranges your beautiful blonde hair, the way you sing and talk, walk and dance, play guitar and skateboard. Your eyes bright, so beautiful. Your smile that makes anyone feel good. Everything looks perfect on you. I feel down, it was like everything was beautiful under the blue sky, I’m falling, falling in love with you, dude. I’m seeing and hearing things of you, time passes and I do not realize. I did not even blink, I do not eat, I forget it all because I get all day in front of computer watching your videos. I’m singing along and laughing too because of some videos. Everyone thinks i’m the biggest idiot, but I do not give a damn. I wanted to be by your side, to hold you and comfort when all seems to ruin you. I wanted to make you fell good and happy. We have much in common, you know? In fact, we like the same things. I’ve been thinking of giving up my dream, which is to be a singer, but that’s when I thought, “Cody got out of his country and go to Los Angeles, has realized his dream, why I could not? When I get it, I can try to prove to Cody how much I love him.” And you  has been my inspiration for many things, my hope for many things … And I think it already has no more just a fan love. I know it, I love you for what and who you are, not for your fame or things like that. The way you are and who you are win my heart. I met you unwittingly, via YouTube, but it was from that day in August 2010, I fell in love with you. And as say your music Good As It Gets “i know you will not believe this kind of loving you really need this kind of loving.” You should receive thousands of fan letters is not? I’m sure. And it must be a wonder. That’s what I dream, you know? Be inspired and able to help other young people through my music… So, there it is. Love ya.