don’t forget, remember when, innocence, i’m with you, a year without rain, we own the night, our song, haunted, enchanted, crazier, speak now, you belong to me, sparks fly, last kiss, love story, mean, mine, love is on its way, hello beautiful *-*, fly with me, stay, sorry, tonight, when you look me in the eyes

     Nicole     diz:

*kkkk nossa *-*

*as que me lembra vce

Drunk diz:

*tem mais

*please don’t leave me, i wanna be the rain, y no puedo olvidarte, no pares, besame sin medo, a tu lado, algún dia (por incrivel q parecã me faz chorar), inalcanzable, este corazon, solo para ti, tu amor, una cancion, que hay detrás, que fuel del amor, para olvidarte de Mí


*quase todas do rbd

*me lembra vc

     Nicole     diz:

*a year without rain, the reason, far away, the distance, i’m with you, when i look at you, the way i loved you, off the chain, my dillema, fly with me, love bug, love story, you belong with me, mine, tu amor, i wanna be the rain

*quase todas do rbd me lembra vce ²

*e algun dia tb me faz chorar

Drunk diz:

Nicole, fourteen. Brazilian. Dreamer.

I really dream of being a singer. But beyond that, I dream to live my life without worrying about what others think of me, whether like it or not. I want to have my own house, and I want it is always full of friends. I want to have a Golden Retriever, a Samoyed, a Siberian Husky, a Chow Chow and a Labrador. I wanna could smoke at home, listening to loud music and loud singing as well. To party, eat what I like, walk in my underwear and shirt at home. Living one day after another, a step after the other. Living my dream, my life, my destiny.


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It’s simple, everyone loves this boy ↓

Happy Dance. #CantBeBeat

Why Slim Shady turn me on like this? The videos fucking turn me on, hm

Eminem, not gonna lie, I want you, so why you not get it over and make with me the things of the clip Superman?